Auryn Studios, located in the Basque Country, offers specialized productions for Metal bands.
My mission is to help you achieve your goals, understand you, put me in your role and give your personality in music. Nothing makes me happier than helping people get it.
Being a musician I understand perfectly your fears, I know what it is like to leave your music to a stranger.
I speak the same language.
Because is amazing feeling to listen to the final result of a good mix
that highlights all the effort and passion that you have dedicated to it.
In Auryn Studios are made full productions but also
mix and mastering stuff recorded elsewhere. Distance is not a problem.
Looking forward to work with you!





The Black Tree Mixed / Mastered
Shallow Waters Recorded / Mixed / Mastered
Hortzak Recorded / Mixed / Mastered
Demised Mixed
Lined Recorded / Mixed / Mastered
Agonica Mixed / Mastered
Hex Mixed / Mastered
Pandemia Mixed / Mastered
The Great Wound Recorded / Mixed / Mastered
Darkness By Oath Recorded / Mixed / Mastered



    What can I say about Auryn Studios? I´ve come back to the studios in my last 2 albums, it is all I can say to be clear. Fucking badass sound, professional , good communication and understanding way, musician to musician language, patience, experience and respect...Do you have the goal to do the best? no doubt about it!!!! I´ve decided with who I want to work.
    For us (Lined) it was an amazing experience to work with AURYN STUDIOS, fucking brutal. In the tracking step Tristán did a lot work production work like an another member of the band and definitely it get the tracks sounds better so far, it has a lot of experience in the industry. I think I´m better musician after this work. Professional sound, nice communication and really meticulous. Amazing!
    We chose to work with Tristan because we wanted to sound tougher than a madman's fist. Tris is a great professional and knows how to bring out the best in everyone. A great experience. We will repeat for sure.<br /> Thank you Tris!
    My experience in Auryn Studios was fucking amazing. Tristán is a great professional guy and knows perfectly the sound we want get it. He understand our idea about the sound of the album and the most incredible thing was that got it knowing what he was doing. Very professional, serious, always looking for the best sound and really committed with the project since the first day. He also help us as a producer in the tracking process and push the songs to the next level. I don´t have any doubt about where I going to record the next album.
    Our personal experience (Hex) in AURYN STUDIOS met our demands. You will not find an engineer in Basque Country with this musical background. His pasion and knowledge of extreme metal get his works sit on the top. It involves so much in their productions, offering you their opinion at all times, getting out the best arrangements that raise the quality of your album and with a constant feedback 'musician-> producer, which we personally have appreciated a lot.
    We were looking for compromise and Tristán has shown us is an amazing professional and efficient guy. Nice work environment and efficiency!.
    My experience in Auryn Studios was awesome!. And I know what are I saying because I´ve work a lot of recording studios here in Basque Country.It´s easy to work with him, the compromise and really proffesional in whole things....For example, the knowledge of the sound for this kind of music. My bass never sound than great as here. But the best thing for me and the most surprise was the capability of Tristán for get my level as a musician to the top, and do my best. Nice communication and relaxed work-place. Like a great film director with their actors. 10 point!.
    All works fine, without problems and a lot of dedication in all the process.
    Amazing Studio!! In Auryn Studios you´ll find a big proffesional team and good feeling. Always looking for the best sound and way to do the best for the band. If you have a Metal band and you´ll get the sound that you always dream it, no doubt about it, Auryn Studios is the law.
    Amazing experience in Auryn Studios. Amazing! is the best description of this studio that make you feel at home and you find to Tristán, humble professional guy that brings out the best of the musician. They match the perfect sound of the band and that you are looking for. This site is TOP. 5 Stars.
    We have had a lot of troubles in recording step, but Tristán have done an amazing work with the sound of the band. It´s brutal. Very proffesionalism, flexibility and nice communication. 10/10 for Auryn Studios.
    15 / 10 Rating. Highly recommended. For me, the best one in Spain!.
  • Paul Urkijo (Film Director)
    A couple months ago when we were in the postproduction of the ERREMENTARI film, we had a crisis; We needed music for our trailer in a crazy deadline and just I meet Tristán. He did the work one day to another and understood our ideas perfectly. The changes that we needed to do was really fast. Proffesionalism, quality, compromise and art. He´s a machine. We´ll come back to Auryn Studios. Sure!
    Professionalism, communication and fast response. That´s good to know in every moment what are we doing in the whole process and the arrangements that Tristán can do. And of course, the amazing sound that is like a blast in your face!!! 10/10.
    Nice to work with him. Really professional. If you want to sound hard than a nail in a coffin, no doubt about it.
    Tristan is an awesome professional guy. Responsible, punctuality and class A worker. Also, the sound on his productions are top quality and the price is amazing good!. I´m sure that I will come back to Auryn Studios.
    Hard work and guaranteed results. Professional 100%. The best that you can find out there.



Hi! I am Tristán Iñiguez, founder of Auryn Studios.
I´ve been helping rock and metal bands for the last 10 years
to achieve their goals and share incredible experiences.
I have worked with bands like Demised, Shallow Waters, Obsidian Kingdom, Lined, Hex, Numen, Darkness By Oath, Bullets Of Misery, Blackhearth, Agonica, Sad Eyes, Pandemia, among others who have released their work with companies such as Metal Blade, Cyclone Empire, Transcending Obscurity Records, Maldito Records, Art Gates Records.
I also make soundtracks and music for audiovisuals, short films, documentaries, trailers and video games where I like to put emotions into the images.
I have worked for film directors such as Paul Urkijo in his film Errementari, Alex De La Iglesia or Xanti Rodriguez.
I am currently the guitarist of the band Shallow Waters.



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