– Can I record tracks here or going to another studio to track it and send to you for mix and mastering process?

Yes you can, It´s no problem with this because 80% of the works are done in this way. Anyway, we recomended get in touch with us before you tracking anything and we´ll advice you in all the process to avoid any inconvenience. Download here tech requirements.

– Can I get a discount if I choose mix/mastering bundle or a full production?

Of course!. It depends on how your proyect big is you will receive for sure a discount.

– What´s included in Mix/Mastering bundle?

If you choose Mix/Mastering bundle, not only do you save 30€ per track, also you´ll benefit of some extra process that normally they are charged. For Example:
Reamps / MIDI sampling / ISRC, UPC, CD Text…Code implement
(Editing, voice editing / autotune, acoustic/MIDI drums editing, track cleaning, noise reduction…etc, It´s not included, this a edition process and this would be done by recording/edit technician.)

– If I´m living in Berlin or Paris for example and Auryn Studios is in Basque Country (Spain), how can we work?

Does not matter where are you from!. Normally, it´s the most process that we done here in Auryn Studios. You ask how we do this?….Well, we keep a fluid, good and clear conversation and you don´t feel miss to be here.

– I can pay in two times?

Yes. We charge in two times. The first one is 60% (to start working). The second one is 40% (when we finish the work). Your pocket will not hurt so much.

– What guarantees I have to get a satisfactory result? ¿How many revisions can we do?

In Auryn Studios we guaranteed you will be 100% satisfied, of course if the recording is on the top. We always are looking for the best, not only for you because we love to be happy with the result as well. Maybe you are satisfied with the result and we´ll back to get the final touch!. For us is really important all the bands work and goals and we not will stopped them or not do revisions, be logical and moderate.

– More questions?

Don´t waste your time and write us!

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