This is Auryn Studios!


Recording is the process through which all the sound sources are captured. It is really important to take care of all the details from the beginning, so that the chain is the best possible. At Auryn Studios we have a wide range and quality preamps such as Allen & Heath or backline and outboard from Universal Audio, as well as a great range of microphones that will capture your work as truly as possible.


In this process, the previously recorded signals are processed, in order to infuse them with feelings, own sound and make it all sound correctly at the right place and time. Obtaining a clean and clear mixture of all the instruments is vital to ensure that your music reaches the next level. We have quality hardware, analogue mixer and the best plugins available on the market to perform this task.


Thus we arrive to the final part of the process. It is a very careful process where we will make your mixes sound powerful, clear and with the volume they truly deserve. Everything with the power provided by our analogue and digital hybrid system. Just rely on Auryn Studios, we will ensure that you are proud of your record!


– Intel I7 920, 2.800MHz, 14GB RAM, 2 SDD
– Intel I5 -3570K CPU 3.40GHz, 32GB RAM, 1 SDD
– Allen & Heath GS-R24M
– RME Fireface 800

– Adam A7
– Yamaha HS-7
– Audio Technica ATH-50
– AKG 271
– Presonus Monitor Station v2

– Shure 57
– Shure 58
– Shure 7b
– Sennheiser MD421
– Rode NT2
– ….etc.

– Allen & Heath GS-R24M

– Cubase Pro 9
– Cubase 6.5
– Cubase 5.0

– Waves
– Universal Audio UAD-2
– Steven Slate Digital
– Nomad Factory
– Sonny Oxford
– Fabfilter Suite
– and more…

– Allen & Heath GS-R24M
– RME Fireface 800

– Universal Audio LA-610 MKII
– Sansamp Bass Driver DI
– Little Labs Redeye 3D
– Maxon OD808
– Boss Digital Delay
– Boss Noise Reduction
– Sansom S-Phones
– Korg Tunner
– Kemper Profiling Amplifier
– Amps
– Palmer ADIG-LB
– Mayones Setius 6 strings
– Mayones Setius 6 strings Baritone
– Epiphone Les Paul Gothic
– Fender JazzBass w/Bartolini Pickups
– …etc.

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